Evolution and the illusion of progress

When I speak to people about evolution one of the most common questions I get is this:

“Why haven’t we evolved to fly yet?” And I often sit there looking at them blankly, my mind frazzled and suddenly empty of thought.
They take this lack of response as a ‘win’ a ‘gotcha!’

But the reason my mind goes blank is that to me it’s such a ridiculous question.

They ask this question usually because their ultimate ideal in their heads is the ability to fly. I get this question even from people who do actually think evolution is real and it’s these people that baffle me the most.

But the more I think about it, the more I realise it’s not that confusing at all, it’s humans! Creationists worry that evolution takes something away from the importance of human beings, but I’d argue they have nothing to fear. At least not in the way so many people picture evolution in their heads.

To some of the people, I’ve listened to personally I can’t help but notice how even evolution ends up becoming a god-like figure changing us into its ultimate goal. Evolution itself then becoming a replacement word for god.

They see evolution as linear attempts at some ‘perfect’ way of being.

But evolution is neither linear or an attempt at anything!

“Why haven’t we evolved why haven’t we progressed further than this? Why don’t we have wings yet?”

Their mistake is thinking that evolution is progressive. When I explain this to them they baulk at it, “What’s the point then?” they ask.
And that’s where I never have the news they want to hear. They’re assuming evolution is progressive and has a point to it.

I tell them it isn’t progressive and there isn’t really a point to it. There isn’t really an end goal other than survival.

I find people struggle with this even after I’ve explained it. What I think I’m watching before me is a person battling with their illusions, illusions that are much needed by man it seems. The majority of the time, their illusions win out, and they just laugh at me and/or shake their head and declare me ‘morbid’ or ‘negative.’

I believe that the illusion is held up by another illusion that creationists and Darwinists alike seem to hold: We humans are ‘more evolved’ than other animals. We are somehow some unique species.

All those species out there, outside your windows and doors they’re all animals. But humans? In our comfortable houses and sofas, television sets in the corner of the living room and communing with other people via this thing we call the internet from all over the world, we’re humans. Not animals. Right?


 Human beings are animals too.

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